3 Important Facts about Dentists and Dental Hygiene

A smile does wonders to brighten someone’s day. Smiling also relaxes facial muscles and gives a person a generally attractive appearance. In fact, two University of California at Berkeley psychologists have identified six main types of smiles. Whatever type of smile you readily wear, having a nice set of teeth helps you smile with confidence. Dentists help you take care of your teeth. Hesy-Re is the first known dentist. He lived in 2600 BC and was described as “the greatest of those who deal with teeth”. The dental profession really began to develop in the Middle Ages. Several advances have been made since then that drastically reduce tooth decay and tackle tooth and gum diseases. Dental assistants have also become very popular. The following facts will help you appreciate your dentist more and improve your dental hygiene.


Dentists Like When You Brush Your Teeth Before a Cleaning

Many people assume that since they are getting a dental cleaning done, there is no need to brush and floss. In fact, some people go to the dentist directly after eating a meal. Imagine how unappealing it is to see masticated food particles in someone’s mouth. Do your dentist a favor and brush and floss before visiting.


Stay Away from High Volumes of Sugar

There is nothing that encourages tooth decay more than sugar. Sodas, juices, candy, chocolate, and any other sweet products are bad for your teeth. Sodas also contain high levels of phosphorus which reduces the body’s calcium levels thus depleting teeth. Eat sweets and drink sweet beverages sparingly. Your teeth will be stronger if you do.


Treat Your Symptoms Early

Visiting your dentist at the first sign of a tooth or gum ache can mean the difference between losing or keeping your teeth. Early detection can prevent disastrous consequences. Your dentist wants you to pay a visit regularly so that your teeth can remain healthy.


It is important for you to take your dental hygiene seriously. Visit your dentist regularly and look out for the warning signs of tooth decay and gum disease. Also, stay away from the foods and beverages that are bad for your teeth.