Denturists – Edmonton

Denturists are experts in creating and maintaining quality dentures. They work with a wide range of oral health care professionals to meet the specific denture needs of clients. Deturism officially became an accepted profession in 1971. Since then it has evolved to incorporate modern technology in the creation of full, partial, immediate, and implant dentures. Dentures are removable synthetic products that are used to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Denturists do everything from creating to inserting and maintaining dentures. There are several denturist colleges in both Canada and the United States. The minimum requirement to enter most of these colleges is an Associate Degree or a minimum of two years studying science at a university level. The following tips from some of the leading denturists will help you keep your dentures longer.


Never Wear Your Dentures Overnight

Always ensure that you take your dentures out before going to bed. Brush your teeth and massage your gum. Clean your dentures with the products that have been recommended to you. Leave them in the correct soaking solution. Following this procedure will prevent infections and also prevent your dentures from drying out.


Clean Dentures after Every Meal

Food particles easily get stuck in your dentures. Stuck food particles encourage bacteria growth which leads to bad breath and gum diseases. Cleaning your dentures after each meal will help to prevent this.


Ensure that Your Dentures Fit Properly

It takes a couple of weeks to a month to adjust to your new dentures. Be patient and follow up with your denturist to ensure that you get the perfect fit. Don’t adjust dentures yourself. Allow a denturist to do the work.


If you are in need of dentures, ask your dentist to recommend a good denturist in your area. Treat your dentures better than you would treat your real teeth. Taking good care of them will allow you to keep them longer.