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Using a Web Design Company to Create a Killer Website

A website is your business’ gateway into the online world. Websites connect businesses with customers globally and offer lower maintenance fees than a traditional storefront.  A poorly built website causes customers to turn away from the get-go. However, a well-built user-friendly website attracts customers and has the potential to keep them coming back. Several DIY website development companies now exist. Some of these companies include Weebly.com, WordPress.com, and SquareSpace.com.  While DIY website builders can be more cost-effective for startups, hiring an experienced web design company can help you create a unique website specifically tailored to your business’ needs. Web design companies employ web designers, content writers, and computer programmers.  Web designers use a variety of web design tools including HTML and CSS to create stylistic and well-designed web pages. Computer programmers create unique codes to enable your website to function the way you want it to. They ensure that your website provides your customers with the fastest and smoothest experience possible. Content writers write SEO friendly content that will improve your website’s ranking.


The Benefits of Hiring a Web Design Company

  • Since web design companies employ web designers, computer programmers, and content writers, you will get the expertise you need to make an excellent website.
  • Web design companies are committed to you for the long term. They will offer website maintenance services and the support you need to keep your website running efficiently.
  • A reputable web design company will provide you with exceptional customer service. You can be sure that the company will work assiduously to meet your needs.
  • The best web design companies understand market trends and are up-to-date with customer acquisition techniques. They will, therefore, provide you with a good ROI.
  • Hiring a web design company gives you more time to focus on your business. The web design team will undertake all of the tasks associated with building and maintaining your website.
  • Your website will be prepared for changing mobile technology. DIY website builders enable you to adapt your website to current mobile devices. What happens, however, when new mobile devices emerge? Your website developers will keep abreast of the latest mobile technologies and ensure that your website is adapted to work with their software.
  • Web design companies produce better website designs. DIY website builders use pre-made templates that give off a “been there done that” type of vibe. A web design company will create a website uniquely designed for you.


Types of Websites

The dawning of the technology era has resulted in a plethora of websites being available on the internet.  Before hiring a wed design company you need to be certain of the type of website that you want to create. There are ten basic types of websites:

  1. Personal websites
  2. Photo sharing websites
  3. Authors’ websites
  4. Community building websites
  5. Mobile device websites
  6. Blogs
  7. Informational websites
  8. Online business brochure/catalog
  9. Directory websites
  10. E-commerce websites

Personal websites:  These are websites that have personal content as opposed to content related to a business.  Some of the top personal websites include:  bradywilliams.co, zoella.co.uk, and jenifferdrake.com.

Photo sharing websites: Photos capture the beauty and complexity of life and nature. They tell great stories without the need for words. Several photo-sharing websites, such as Flickr.com, exist.

Authors’ websites: The past five years have seen an exponential increase in the number of indie authors.  Several indie and established authors have created their own websites to showcase their work and keep their avid fans abreast of their latest news. The website also includes: a link to the author’s blog, reviews of the author’s books, links to online stores where the books are sold, and book excerpts.

Community building website: These websites allow people to interact socially online. Social networking sites, forum websites, and sharing websites fall into this category.  Forum websites can be especially useful to business owners. You can find a forum website related to your particular niche. Follow the discussion and you are sure to find useful information for your business.

Mobile device websites: Websites have to be specifically modified to suit the screens of mobile devices. These websites are given a particular domain name, .mobi.  Mobile friendly websites are crucial for businesses.

Blogs: Blogs are a means of expression for several individual. They often function as online journals where people portray their thoughts and feelings on particular issues. It is important for your business’ website to have a blog for SEO optimization and client interest purposes. Write interesting articles that relate to your niche and use strategic keywords that will improve your search engine ranking.

Informational websites: The most popular informational website is Wikipedia. Informational websites allow business to share or sell information related to their niche.

Online business brochure or catalogue websites:  These websites show a photo display of your products and services.  They differ from e-commerce websites because they don’t offer products that can be sold over the internet.

Directory website: Directories function in the same way as traditional phone books. They can topic, industry, or geographical area specific.

E-commerce websites: These websites allow websites to sell their products and services over the internet. Investing in an ecommerce site instead of a storefront can help you avoid several overhead costs.

Choosing the right type of website for your business is important. Narrow down your objective for creating the website and you will be able to choose the website that’s right for you.


Programming Languages Used in Websites

Computer programmers use a variety of programming languages to build websites. The most common programming languages used to build websites are:

  1. Java Script
  2. C
  3. C++
  4. Python
  5. PHP
  6. Java

The team at the web design company you hire will ensure that the computer programmer uses the right programming languages to meet the needs of your website.


Take a step in the right direction for your business today. Do some research and choose a reputable web design company that can help you build a killer website.